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Medical Cannabis

Will Medical Cannabis Redefine Breast Cancer Care for Patients in the US?

A significant number of breast cancer patients across the US are using medical cannabis to help cope with symptoms and during treatments.

GxP Compliance

Inspection Readiness: What's Next?

Based on the 2023 EMA programming document, the forecast for the coming years is a recovery of coordination of inspections and certificate requests.

Medical Cannabis

Pharmacokinetic properties (4/4)

The therapeutic effect of each preparation is conditioned by its absorption and by the specific metabolites produced within the human body.

CSV & Data Integrity

AVEVA PI and Real-time Data Collection

AVEVA PI (formerly OSIsoft, recently acquired by AVEVA) is one of the most frequently used platforms for real-time data management.


The Digital Revolution in Indian Healthcare

Technology is revolutionizing women's healthcare in India and making a significant impact on reaching those previously inaccessible.


How CFD simulation can support C.C.S., Q.R.M. and sustainability in pharmaceutical plants

In the pharmaceutical industry, adoption of CCS and the implementation of QRM are critical for organizations to guarantee product quality and safety.

RA & PhV

Are your Veterinary Medicinal product information already compliant with QRD Version 9.0? Be prepared to submit the variations

The EMA has introduced the QRD Template Version 9.0 for product information used by the MAH. The updated template must be adopted by January 2027.

Medical Cannabis

Israeli Health Ministry Unveils Vital Medical Cannabis Reforms to Enhance Patient Access

The Israeli Health Ministry announced the eagerly awaited medical cannabis reforms in a statement published on August 7, 2023.

Medical Cannabis

Pharmaceutical forms and mode of intake (3/4)

Pharmacists play a crucial role in preparing medical cannabis in accordance with established regulations and guidelines.

GxP Compliance

Inspection Readiness: Lessons Learnt from the Pandemic

Despite the tragic nature of COVID-19 pandemic, it is undeniable that several lessons have been learned from this ordeal.