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Why facilities should be at the heart of a greener, more sustainable Pharma Industry transformation

Learn how to optimize energy efficiency and reduce waste for a brighter future.

RA & PhV

EudraVigilance Data Analysis System (EVDAS) in the Signal Management Process: Are You Really Ready?

Discover the power and efficiency of EudraVigilance Data Analysis System (EVDAS) in signal detection for pharmacovigilance. Explore its key features.

Medical Device

A Comparison Between IVDR and MDR Software

Learn about the qualification process, classification rules, and standards that apply. Stay compliant with medical device regulations.


Why women's health advancement should be at the forefront of global sustainable development initiatives

Explore the impact of FemTech and clinical studies in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being.

Clinical Studies

Are you already in compliance with ICH-GCP and EMA's Guideline on computerised systems?

Learn how the new EMA guideline on computerised systems is shaping the future of clinical trials. Discover the challenges of electronic systems and.

RA & PhV

Elemental Impurities for Safe Veterinary Medicinal Products, one year after the due date

Discover the ongoing challenges faced by Veterinary Marketing Authorization Holders and Manufacturers in managing elemental impurities in veterinary.

Quality Culture

Evolution of Quality Culture in Pharma: From Initiatives to Excellence

Discover how different levels of management play a role in ensuring quality and how to build a strong quality culture in your organization.

Medical Cannabis

CBD for Canine Epilepsy - What are the Takeaways from the Epidiolex Experience

Discover the potential of CBD for canine epilepsy with Epidiolex. Learn about the prevalence of epilepsy in dogs and the importance of tracking.

GxP Compliance

Features of radiopharmaceuticals production

Discover the essential features of radiopharmaceuticals production in this informative blog post.

RA & PhV

What is SPOR?

Learn about SPOR (Substance, Product, Organization and Referential), the European Medicines Agency's requirement for implementing ISO IDMP standards..