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Medical Device

IVDs – A Comparison of Requirements between the US and EU

Get insights on the differences and similarities in IVD requirements between the US and EU markets.

RA & PhV

FDA’s Pre-Approval Inspection (PAI) How to Prepare for a Successful Outcome – A PQE Case Study

Learn how PQE Group successfully prepared a Japanese client for FDA's Pre-Approval Inspection, leading to FDA approval in 2024.

Medical Cannabis

What are the most common forms of administration?

Explore the common forms of medical cannabis administration, including oils, resins, dried flowers, and capsules.


Preserving Natural Resources in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Strategies for Responsible Utilization

Learn how the pharmaceutical industry can preserve natural resources through water conservation strategies and efficiency.

Quality by Design

Quality by Design Approach in the Biotech Industry

Discover the Quality by Design approach in the biotech industry, its implementation challenges, and the importance of building quality

RA & PhV

QV Hub: PQE Pharmacovigilance System for Veterinary MAHs

Discover how PQE Group's QV Hub system revolutionizes pharmacovigilance for veterinary MAHs

RA & PhV

Empower Pharmaceutical Company Compliance through Expert Pharmacovigilance

Empower pharmaceutical companies with expert pharmacovigilance services from PQE Group. Stay compliant with regulations, ensure drug safety.

Quality Culture

Revolutionizing Medicine: Challenges & Future of Advanced Therapies

Revolutionizing medicine with Advanced Therapies: Explore the challenges and future of ATMPs in point of care manufacture.


Artificial Intelligence: Reshaping 3Rs Principles for a More Ethical Research

Discover how artificial intelligence reshapes the 3Rs principles in pharmacological research, reducing animal use ethically and advancing scientific.


Towards a Greener Pharmaceutical Industry: Energy Efficiency

Discover how the pharmaceutical industry can achieve energy efficiency through innovative strategies, leading to reduced consumption and.