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Medical Device

AI application in the Medical Device Field

Explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence in the medical device field, from disease detection to personalized treatment.

IT Operations

AI, Regulation and Compliance Challenges In Life Sciences

Discover the challenges and opportunities of AI in life sciences. Explore how GenAIz and PQE Group are revolutionizing healthcare.

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis: Legislative Challenges, Medical Control, FemTech and Social Sensitivity 

Explore the legislative challenges, medical control, and social sensitivity surrounding medical cannabis in Europe. Learn about varying adoption rates

Quality by Design

Why Should Pharma Companies Encourage Healthcare Professionals to Report Adverse Events?

Discover why pharmaceutical companies should encourage healthcare professionals to report adverse events to enhance pharmacovigilance practices.


Circular Strategies in the Life Science Industry

Explore circular strategies in the life science industry to optimize resource use, reduce waste, and mitigate environmental impact.

Medical Cannabis

What Quality Control Actually Means in Medical Cannabis

Discover the importance of quality control in medical cannabis production and the need for rigorous testing to ensure patient safety and drug.

GxP Compliance

Process Harmonization & The Pursuit of Operational Excellence

Explore the importance of process harmonization in achieving operational excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

RA & PhV

New ICH Q2 (R2) and ICH Q14: a Step Forward Towards the Validation of Analytical Methods

New ICH Q2 (R2) and ICH Q14 set to revolutionize analytical method validation in the pharmaceutical industry, enhancing quality, safety, and.


Infinite Vision's FutureInsite® Is The Next Big Thing In Femtech and Personalized endometriosis Care

Discover the groundbreaking FemTech innovation by Infinite Vision, revolutionizing personalized endometriosis care.

Medical Device

Ensuring Quality: Key Steps in Medical Device Validation

Learn about the key steps in medical device validation, including process validation phases and regulatory aspects.