Smart People & Digital Learning: an opportunity for companies

by Luca Turmolini, Innovation Manager & Business Coach

Technological evolution, market crisis and remote working: incentives to invest in People Development

Investing in human capital is becoming, more and more, the priority for every company that wants to stay competitive on a market that sees a full digital transformation, and the advent of the Industry 4.0. Additionally, the current Covid-19 emergency has brought new challenges, with a constant contraction of performances and opportunities. Given this global situation, this appear to be the best moment to point the attention to the most important resources that a company has: people.

Nowadays, remote working has passed from being optional or part time to mandatory or “highly recommended”, at least for the jobs for which is applicable. With this new dynamic, we witnessed (and we still are) a change of paradigm and an important organization remodeling process, especially for those companies that weren’t completely ready for the digital switch and it became clear that, this new way of working, represents a huge opportunity for the businesses, because it gives the employers the occasion to use this specific moment and context, to hasten the evolution process that will make their company ready when the market fully resume.

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Primary Requirements: “Smart” People, Agile Approach and Human Value

A key aspect for a company that would like to adopt an efficient remote working program, is the ability to ease the development of “Smart People”: a new type of person, connected, who use technology to support their job and to integrate and extend their own skills. Such people necessarily need trainings to be digital, to keep up with the market and the new technologies, and, on the other hand, they also need a Development Plan, that creates the conditions to perform and adapt to the new working style.

This appears to be possible when there’s a flexible organization, based on trust and distributed responsibility at all levels, following the principle of the Agile methodology, with a lower ability for prediction and control in favor of an increased shared autonomy. At the same time, it’s crucial to start a change process towards an organization in which culture and values put people as their focal point, in order to facilitate the overlap between personal and company goals to assure mutual benefits for all the stakeholders.


The Learning & Development challenges: the development of a “smarter” workforce.

Nowadays the Learning & Development (L&D) department faces multiple demanding challenges:

  • Shorter times required by the market, added to a context where trainings are more and more subject to premature obsolescence because of the constant technological evolution, to which is added the market competition that is increasingly based on a real time approach.
  • Understanding the business needs is becoming more complex and in continuous evolution
  • The working pace, creates for employees a shortage of disposable time to dedicate to trainings
  • Budget for trainings have been increasingly reduced, often at disadvantage of the competitiveness, present or future, and in contrast with a high and crescent demand for new competencies and certifications
  • Workforce composition, more intergenerational and digitalized
  • A considerable use of contractors, temporary and external workers, that should be trained and have L&D program to manage
  • The growing demand of IT competencies to manage learning platforms, including updating courses and the certification of the learning logs.

In the global market, progressively more “real-time” and connected, there’s the need for a coordinated response to all these challenges, an answer that is able to outline a clear, balanced and coherent strategy, that supports the company’s goals and general strategy, ensuring flexibility and immediate results.


People Development: from PQE Group a tested and efficient methodology

A People Development program seems to be the best solution for every organization that wants to start a path of internal change and development. PQE Group developed a validated methodology, that allows companies to reach their goals in the field of the human development. With a better and more efficient L&D program, it’s easier to develop “Smart People”, creating additional value that helps in achieving strategic goals.

A People Development Program means a 360° solution, that involves the entire organization and that is divided in 4 specific phases, to ensure a strategic alignment of the entire training activity:

  • Phase 1: Analysis of the company’s strategic goals in order to define the Program targets
  • Phase 2: Mapping the employees’ competencies (AS IS) and then define a Capability & Capacity plan (TO BE)
  • Phase 3: Creating diverse contents to support the planned learning activities, followed by the upload of the Development Plan, with all the relevant activities, on the L&D platform.
  • Phase 4: Monitoring and Management of the Development Plan, feedback analysis and additional analysis regarding the results obtained compared to the company’s strategic goals.


Software as a Service (Saas): from PQE Group, a validated Digital Learning Platform

To support companies in facing these challenges, PQE Group offers a tested and ready to use, Digital Learning Platform in SaaS (Software as a Service) that will allow a company to achieve these benefits:

  • Impact reduction on the IT Infrastructure
  • The platform availability, 24/7, to meet users’ needs
  • A better user experience, based on more attractive and efficient communication models
  • The option to define plans for specific departments or users

The Digital Learning Platform allows the management of every type of development for the employees: E-Learning courses, classrooms, Coaching programs or Mentoring ones.

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