The Cannabis Revolution in Germany: New Perspectives on Access and Quality

by Emilio Petrucci – CEO at HESALIS

How the new legislation is changing the landscape for both adult-use and therapeutic cannabis

The Challenge: Public Health and Government 

Journalistic reports reveal that the recent German legislation, known as "The Cannabis Act" (CanG), presents a series of details that will influence both recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis. 

The main challenge addressed involves public health and government action. For patients, access to cannabis-based therapies will be facilitated, as they will no longer be considered drug users. This will simplify the distribution of products even for treating minor conditions, allowing the introduction of new products and devices for consumption. The German government is committed to combating the use of products from the illegal market, as it is clear that products available on the illegal market often do not meet the necessary quality and safety standards for human consumption. 



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