CBD for Canine Epilepsy - What are the Takeaways from the Epidiolex Experience

by Leonardo Giraudo, Pharmacovigilance Compliance Expert @PQE Group

Results from the use of animals during clinical trials to identify an epilepsy treatment for them 

Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder seen in dogs; scientific literature reports that it has been estimated to affect approximately 0.75% of the canine population. The term epilepsy refers to a heterogeneous disease characterized by the presence of recurrent, unprovoked seizures resulting from an abnormality of an animals’ brain. The condition can be genetic or idiopathic epilepsy, caused by structural problems in the brain (known as structural epilepsy), or can stem from an unknown cause (epilepsy of unknown cause). Epilepsy in dogs can be a challenge for animal owners; in fact, when observing seizures it is important for dog owners to keep a diary of detailed information including:  

1) Affected body parts;  
2) When seizures occur; 
3) How often seizures occur; and  
4) How long they last. 

This information is fundamental for veterinarians to understand how the pathology is generated and how it can be managed/treated by the animal owner. 

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Seizures can result from exposure to a specific stimulus, such as an illness, exposure to a toxin, or problems with metabolism (reactive seizures). Any potentially precipitating events should be brought to the attention of the attending veterinarian, such as reactive seizures, which are not generally treated with standard anti-epileptic drugs. Reflex seizures, which are seizures that occur consistently after a particular exposure to, for example, a loud noise, a flashing light, or a more complex movement or behavior, have also been reported in dogs.

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