Towards equitable outcomes with affordable and easily accessed care for every woman - bringing the hospital to the patient

by: Telle Ukonaho - Global Business Development Manager, M.Sc. Revvity Diagnostics, Reproductive Health

Despite statistics showing the maternal mortality rate has declined in the last 20 years, the number of maternal deaths worldwide is still unacceptably high. According to the World Health Organization, “the high number of maternal deaths in some areas of the world reflects inequalities in access to quality health services.” For expectant mothers living in rural or remote regions of the world – often termed “medical deserts” due to limited access to health care facilities and services – their inability to access prenatal care and important diagnostic testing can pose a risk to their health and that of their baby. 

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Pre-eclampsia affects between 2 and 8% of pregnant women globally, resulting in 2.5 million pre-term births and half a million prenatal deaths each year. If left undetected and untreated, pre-eclampsia can also lead to maternal and perinatal mortality. 


Author's note:
Revvity’s RONIA™ platform*

"Revvity’s RONIA™ platform*, in development for CE-IVD, will be introduced to make a positive impact in the lives of pregnant women and their families. The platform will be comprised of two components – the RONIA Reader and the RONIA PlGF Kit with single use tests. Together, these solutions use a small, single drop of whole blood (20 µl sample volume) to deliver PlGF results in approximately 30 minutes (i.e., without the need for a phlebotomist and a blood draw and without the requirement to ship samples to a central laboratory for sample processing and analysis). The compact, portable design of the RONIA Platform will make it ideal for testing in rural and remote areas where health care infrastructure and related resources are limited, and maternal mortality rates are the highest. In the future, RONIA platform aims at being an innovative point-of-care solution for pre-eclampsia and other conditions during pregnancy that cause adverse outcomes, offering laboratory quality results outside of a traditional healthcare setting.

In recent years the diagnostics industry has moved towards decentralized testing. The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the need for better point-of-care testing and health care services outside of traditional healthcare settings, such as offices, travel hubs, educational institutions or at home. The RONIA Platform is developed for reproductive health applications.  It is envisioned to become the solution offering all-in-one tests for Women’s Health to enable clinically actionable, equitable care to woman regardless of their circumstances. There is potential for this technology to be deployed across many other diverse end markets such as infectious disease testing and other fields where there is a need for rapid testing in resource constrained settings. 

*Product is under development 


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Telle Ukonaho
Global Business Development Manager
M.Sc. Revvity Diagnostics
Reproductive Health



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