Infinite Vision's FutureInsite® Is The Next Big Thing In Femtech and Personalized endometriosis Care

by Mirko Gabriele, Chief Operating Officer @InfiniteVision

Femtech & the Need for a New Approach Toward Endometriosis Care 

 As technology advances and more focus is being placed on improving female health through femtech initiatives around the globe, little to none has been done to address the dire needs of the estimated 190 million girls and women of reproductive age affected by endometriosis. This chronic disease, which is often accompanied by excruciating pain and potential fertility issues, poses a serious threat to the social, psychological and economic well-being of women and girls living with the condition.

Despite its prevalence, many girls and women with endometriosis are still unable to access early diagnosis and treatment to help cope with the symptoms like pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and potential infertility, further endangering their lives. 

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Limitations & Opportunities in the Pursuit of Personalized Endometriosis Treatments 

Although efforts are underway to develop better and more effective methods that are accessible to women and girls from all walks of life for early diagnosis and treatments, the tools at our disposal are limited to an extent as they are not validated to precisely pinpoint individuals or groups most susceptible to the disease. With no cure in sight, patients living with the condition are currently only able to get treatment to help them manage the disease and deal with related symptoms.

Despite offering a beam of hope to the millions of patients around the world in need of relief, some of the treatment used in alleviating symptoms can come with side effects or may not work well with everyone, which underscores the need for continued research and efforts to bring personalized treatment solutions to the market. 


Infinite Vision's Predictive Approach to Endometriosis Treatment 

One such startup working in this domain is Infinite Vision, a healthtech company that developed the predictive algorithm FutureInsite®, a tool that can quickly profile new concepts for pharma, medical devices, animal health, and natural active ingredients by leveraging millions of records from both private and public databases. After calculating the Probability of Success (PoS) for a project, the tool can provide an actionable report within 48 hours, something which is unprecedented in the industry. 

The new startup which recently partnered with PQE Group is ushering in a new age in endometriosis treatment by trying a new and innovative approach that analyzes the intricate relationship between endometriosis and oxidative stress. By analyzing this relationship, research concluded that the presence of degeneration, chronic inflammation, and an abundance of reactive species of oxygen (ROS) in the endometriotic tissue is consistent with endometriosis. 

This innovative solution is aimed at reducing the symptoms of endometriosis in a unique way by tailoring it to individual needs, thanks to the convenience offered by its affordable at-home oxidative stress test. Patients can conduct this test at home and submit results to the platform with just one click. Designed for home use, the Oxidative Stress Test can easily evaluate biological fluids and produce results that are easy to interpret. In line with personal and health data laws, the company’s web-based platform adheres to the latest data protection regulations, ensuring a seamless and secure customer journey throughout the entire process.

By prioritizing personalized treatment for patients, FutureInsite® is becoming a beacon of hope for endometriosis patients, combining cutting-edge technology with effective treatment options tailored to women and girls of reproductive age from different backgrounds. 



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