Legislative panorama: Focus on Switzerland

by PQE Group

Switzerland's CBD and Medical Cannabis Industry Set to Double

Switzerland's CBD and medical cannabis industry is currently valued at an estimated EUR 75 million, a figure expected to more than double as regulated medical and adult-use cannabis consumption picks up. Since August 2022, Swiss physicians can prescribe medical cannabis to patients without limitations. Switzerland's move toward making adult-use and medical-use cannabis accessible is likely to increase demand, with estimates placing the country's future cannabis production at 20 tonnes. 

Currently, local governments can set up pilot projects for adult-use cannabis consisting of up to 5,000 existing cannabis users per project, a move that comes close to de facto legalization of adult-use cannabis. Discussions are underway to fully legalize the adult-use market, which could bring cannabis production close to 180 tonnes over time. 

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Legalization of Medical Cannabis Removes some Barriers

Before the federal government relaxed laws governing the use of medical cannabis, obtaining an exceptional license from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) for medical cannabis use was mandatory. Tight regulations on medical cannabis in Switzerland led to a thriving illegal market estimated by the FOPH to have served over 100,000 Swiss consumers. Since the ban was lifted in March 2021, patients no longer require special exemption from the FOPH to use medical cannabis. 

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