Cannabis Products: Last Decades Progresses

by: Dominik Marko – Scientific Advisor @ PQE Group

The Cannabis market lives a phase of tremendous change, with new legislation in many countries, drafted or already approved, on their way to define a new era for cannabis products. Our Expert Dominik Marko briefly reviews the Medical Cannabis progresses within the last decades.



Last decade has witnessed increasing interest in Cannabis field considering every aspect, from business applications to more scientific and medical insights into vast potential that this miraculous plant can offer. More importantly, the public image and perception of Cannabis has made a large leap forward in terms of more civilized approach, discovering numerous alternative applications, opening doors to a higher quality of life with cosmetics and food supplements and giving access to poorly discovered world of applicable Cannabis-derived therapies for many ailments and diseases. Due to late arrival of Cannabis medicinal value concept in Europe, we are still in intensive early stage of scientific identification of basic cannabinoid mechanisms and their components, being aware of their use in herbal medicine in a variety of cultures through millennia, oldest use presumed to be in about 8,000 BC in Japan, continuing its’ expansion through Chinese, Indian, Assyrian, Greek and Egyptian cultures.

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