Black Utilities – Condensation Water – Hybrid Cooling Tower

by Andrea Ciabattini Project Manager & Head of Mechanical department @PQE Group

CO2 Safe and No Fog System

Did you know that one of the best methods for optimizing consumption and maintenance in conventional tower water condensing systems is through the use of hybrid evaporative towers in climate zones: temperate and continental? 

A condensation water system with cooling tower is a black utilities system born to cooling water for generating or processing. The conventional water temperatures for these circuits range from 28°C to 35°C.

An evaporative tower is a piece of equipment that uses specific heat to lower the temperature of the water by transferring heat to the air. Sprinklers introduce atomized water into a channel crossed by the air and moved by a fan.  

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Cooling Tower Problem

The sprinkler system inside the cooling tower can produce these problems: 

  • Higher electric consumption of electric pumps created by the geodetic head to be considered in an open circuit; 
  • Consumption of water due to dispersions and evaporations from the tower; 
  • High maintenance costs due to soiling of the nozzles and algaecide and softening treatments; 
  • Need to position the evaporative towers in the highest area of the plant to avoid emptying; 
  • Generation of water vapor mist at temperatures below 15°C; 
  • Consumption of gas or electricity to neutralize the fog produced by the cooling tower at temperatures below 15°C.

Hybrid Cooling Tower

A hybrid cooling tower is a cooling tower that contains: 

  • A special coil for air/water; 
  • An inverter fan; 
  • An adiabatic cooling system for the coil with dedicate pumps.

The hybrid cooling tower is a dry cooler equipped with an adiabatic spray cooling system that has a controlled ignition. This system allows you to: 

  • Cool the water without using an open circuit, therefore eliminating the need to continuously treat the water in the condensing circuit; 
  • Make the condensation circuit of the closed type without forcing the installation of suction towers to reduce the pumping energy created by the geodetic head. 

In Conclusion

In general, when you have significant space for tower installation, you are in a temperate or continental climate zone and you want reduce: 

  • Electrical pump power in winter; 
  • Annual maintenance costs; 
  • CO2 and energy power for a no-fog system; 

In winter, you can use it as a dry cooler with closed and circuit with glycolated water 

In summer, or with temperatures up 15°C, you can use it as a cooling tower. 

Each case study requires an in-depth analysis for applicability and sustainability. 

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