5 questions (plus, a bonus one) you should be able to answer to ensure the security of your systems

by PQE Group

Historically, companies have struggled keeping OT systems up-to-date, thus prioritizing stability over security.

Delays and downtime cost lots of time and money, which is one of the reasons why some OT systems are left as they are for years. In many cases the cause is the impossibility to suspend the operation of this kind of systems to proceed with the installation of software updates.

That is why OT systems may offer vulnerabilities which are perfect for hackers who are looking for exploits and routes into industrial networks. It’s a no brainer that OT security is fundamental as breaches can have huge and unbearable consequences.

Not having any OT security in place is like travelling on the highway at night with the lights off.

5 questions (plus, a bonus one) you should be able to answer to ensure the security of your systems - int


  1. Do you know that the number of cybersecurity-related attacks is keeping growing at high rates?
  2. Do you know that vaccine producers are being targeted by cyber-criminals more than ever during the Pandemic?
  3. Have you ever considered the economic impact for your company due to, just to name an example, a week-long production standstill?
  4. Did you assess the impacts of a cyberattack that could potentially alter a production batch expiry date or composition?
  5. Have you ever checked whether your Suppliers have appropriate IT security standards and tools in place to combat cyber threats?
  6. Bonus – Is your company ready with an Incident Response plan so to be able to respond to a cyber-attack effectively?

How many of these have you been able to give a sure answer?
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