Medical Cannabis Growth Amid the Lack of Global Quality Standardization

by Dominik Marko, Operations Manager @PQE

Medical cannabis has seen a huge surge in usage and acceptance as a legitimate remedy for a wide range of medical conditions that have been difficult to treat with traditional medicines. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), which are among the most commonly used cannabis derivatives extracted from the cannabis plant in medical treatments, have brought hope to patients suffering from life-altering medical conditions like chronic pain and epilepsy. Treatments with these compounds have shown a great deal of promise in clinical reports, providing significant symptom relief and improving the quality of life for many patients around the world. Patients undergoing chemotherapy and in need of stimulants to boost their appetite have found THC to be particularly effective in helping them manage their nausea and improve their overall food intake. CBD, on the other hand, has demonstrated significant efficacy in reducing seizures and alleviating anxiety while providing anti-inflammatory benefits, which has made it a valuable treatment option for conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety disorders, and various inflammatory conditions.

While many US states have legalized medical cannabis, with more inching towards that, as is the case with several European countries, the lack of standardized regulations, safety, and quality protocols have made medical cannabis treatments inconsistent and to some extent unreliable. Since each US state and every country has created their own medical cannabis regulations and guidelines for the use of the drug in their jurisdiction, there have been noticeable and concerning inconsistencies in the quality, safety, and efficacy of medical cannabis products. These discrepancies have and will continue to create various therapeutic outcomes and put the lives of patients at risk unless they are addressed. Approaching medical cannabis quality standardization with a comprehensive and unified regulatory framework is essential to ensure consistent product quality, enhance patient safety, and provide reliable therapeutic benefits.  


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