Legislative Panorama: Focus On Denmark

by PQE Group

Denmark has a relatively small cannabis market compared to other European countries, primarily due to strict regulations and high prices in its medical cannabis program. These factors have limited the program's success thus far. 

Medical cannabis is legal in Denmark, and patients have several options to access it. Authorized medicines like Sativex and Epidiolex, which contain cannabinoids and cannabidiol, are available for specific conditions. Sativex is prescribed by neurologists for individuals with multiple sclerosis, while Epidiolex is used as an oral solution for rare forms of epilepsy. For medications not authorized in Denmark, physicians can apply for compassionate use permits, allowing patients access to medicines like Marinol and Nabilone, which contain synthetic cannabinoids. 

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Danish doctors have been able to prescribe cannabis through magistral orders since 2011. Doctors accept personal responsibility for providing medications they believe would help their patients under this approach. The prescription contains exact instructions on the drug's composition and dose, which is then created by one of Denmark's two pharmacies that handle magistral orders, with Glostrup Pharmacy serving as the major source of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. 

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