Smart Working: dealing with IT support implications

by Dario Palese, Digital Governance Business Line Director @PQE Group

The current global health emergency situation is forcing most companies to maximize the smart working solution: in order to ensure the same performance whether working in the office or in smart working, IT services need to face this new reality. This means to refocus the IT activities on new priorities, considering all the new problems coming from remote accesses by employees, data management and privacy, and Remote support continuity. Therefore, to achieve this target the IT activities should be focused on the following features


Remote Systems Availability

Remote access to IT systems is essential to ensure business continuity: IT infrastructure and systems with optimized performance for on-site access may have issues due to the massive use of remote access.
To have a good impact on performance and productivity by removing any critical issue and/or bottlenecks, it’s important to:

  • Assess remote access systems configuration
  • Improve systems performances in smart working
  • Assess & Fix Cybersecurity gaps

Remote Data Management

The electronic data management changes a lot whether performed within an optimized IT infrastructure or via remote access. For example, backups executed within a performing internal network work differently compared to the same backups performed via Internet connectivity. Then, this requires to:

  • Assess technical solutions in place
  • Identify improvements points
  • Implement appropriate configurations and procedures to ensure the correct data management
  • Assess & Fix Data Security gaps

Network Capability & Performance Monitoring

The capacity, the performance and the security of a network must be carefully analysed and monitored in case of massive smart working usage. It is important to focus the attention and technical solutions on:

  • Optimization of remote access (from outside to IT internal infrastructure)
  • Connectivity redundancy
  • Firewall and Network workload balance
  • Assess & Fix Cybersecurity remote access gaps

Remote IT Help-Desk capability

Remotely provided IT technical support is less efficient than the on-site one, because the IT technical support team sized for a fully on-site support may not be sufficient to manage the increased amount of remote support activities requested. Furthermore, many users may need trainings on new features and procedures of smart working. This means that it could be necessary to integrate the IT internal team with specialized IT outsourcing professionals, in order to ensure the service continuity in a short time and meet the performance target effectively.

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