Evolving cyber threats in the Covid-19 era

by Danilo Maruccia, Partner & Principal Consultant, and Jo Pangilinan, Director and Principal Advisor

The convergence of technological platforms is creating an increasingly complex cyberthreats landscape. The COVID-19 Pandemic has shifted business to remote work, contributing to widespread use of less protected devices and inconsistent network connections from home and other remote locations.

New security flaws are constantly appearing, e.g., Log4j, the vulnerability found in December 2021, has been defined as the most critical of the last decade.


Moreover, malware and ransomware attacks are increasing in number and sophistication. Ransomware as a service (RaaS) has made it easier for various threat actors, including those with little technical knowledge, to deploy ransomware against targets.

This new paradigm consists of a core group of developers who set up and maintain the ransomware and payment sites and the affiliates they recruit who breach victims’ networks and encrypt devices. One infamously notable example is the LockBit 2.0 ransomware gang.

The growth in data loss and ransomware attacks on life science companies and healthcare organizations critically exposes companies and organizations and disables medical equipment, wearable, and even implanted devices.

These threat events represent a significant concern for life science companies and healthcare organizations in general, where public safety is at stake.

It is critically important for organizations to be proactive in preventing threats and ensuring business continuity by having appropriate mitigation and response strategies through strong digital governance, security controls, and employee training.

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